Advertising in the Pontiac: A guide for small business

In our first whitepaper report, “Advertising in the Pontiac“, we explore the people and the region of the MRC Pontiac located in the Outaouais. Big in heart but small in population, this area presents opportunity for small businesses to put down roots and grow while still being close to larger areas in Renfrew County and Ottawa/Gatineau.

Key Findings

  • Population Growth – According to the 2021 Census from Stats Can, the MRC Pontiac grew for the first time in 15 years with 14,764 people calling the area home. Some areas grew more than others, with Bristol, Clarendon, Otter Lake, Shawville, Sheenboro, Alleyn-et-Cawood and Thorne all seeing growth of more than 10% in the past five years.
  • We’re Getting Older – The average age of people in the Pontiac grew by nearly a year, now 46.6 versus 45.7 in 2016. The median age (meaning that 50% of people are younger and 50% of people are older) grew by 1.5 years and is now 52 years old.
  • We (still) Love Facebook – More than 80% of Pontiac residents log into Facebook at least once a month. About the same number of people use Google.
  • We also love streaming music & podcasts – Nearly 1/3 of us use streaming platforms like Spotify or podcasting websites like Spreaker in addition to (or in place of) traditional radio
  • Big Brother is Watching – As we use the internet, we leave a trail of data that can help marketers find the right person before they make a purchase

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“Advertising in the Pontiac” is more than 60 slides of content specifically designed with small business owners or marketing professionals in mind. It’s easy to get your hands on it – just click the link below and request a copy to delivered straight to your inbox.

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