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Consulting & Training Services for Media

Calumet Media & Consulting specializes in services for media companies trying to take their sales to the next level. From sales training to business analysis to creative strategies for first party data, lean on our many years of experience to help improve your digital game.

If you’re in the media industry, you realize the pace of change has accelerated to the point where dramatic transformation is needed to stay relevant to your advertisers needs. Sales teams can no longer rely on radio, television, outdoor and print advertising to achieve their budgets and grow their portfolio and must become true partners and consultants to your advertisers.

Serving media companies in the United States and Canada, Calumet Media & Consulting offers the following services to media companies looking for an expert with experience in leading substantial and transformational change within the organization.

Holistic Marketing

Understand the new marketing ecosystem and how other solutions like display, social, search, and digital audio can compliment and improve average IO and client retention without sacrificing margin.

The Customer Journey

Although digital media has influenced how people make purchase decisions, the fundamentals of building awareness, interest, and desire while leading to a conversion remain important.

Consultative Selling

Stop pushing products that don’t work for your advertisers and start listening to their needs! Learn how to conduct a proper needs assessment and align a marketing strategy will lead to happier clients.

Sales Enablement

Leverage digital tools available to prospect new businesses and keep your funnel full. Nurture leads through social selling and handle objections with ease.

Business Consulting

Have an experienced media leader help you remain competitive in today’s industry. From hiring best practices, performance management and a go-to-market strategy, we consult on a wide variety of issues to help you transform faster.

First-Party Data

Media companies can gather massive amounts of valuable first party data through contesting and promotions. We can help you turn that data into additional dollars while staying on the right side of your local privacy laws.

Digital audience engagement

Audience Engagement

Build a comprehensive digital strategy designed to engage your audience and drive more revenue and increase listeners or readers. From content creation to social amplification and influencer marketing, we’ll maximize the return while minimizing effort.

Advertising Services

Find new listeners and readers through highly targeted marketing campaigns using social media (ie: Facebook, Instagram, TikTok) and digital audio (ie: Spotify, Pandora).

Example Training Plan

Sample Media Sales
Training Plan

Curious what a training plan for your sales team could look like? Check our our sample training schedule that starts with understanding your radio station or newspaper’s place in the local marketing ecosystem all the way to prospecting new business using digital technology.

Click here for our Media Sales Training sample plan

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