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JonStewart.com is now CalumetMedia.ca

We’ve made a minor change with big impact – Calumet Media & Consulting’s website has moved from JonStewart.com to our new online home at CalumetMedia.ca to help with our search engine optimization strategy.

When we launched Calumet Media last month, it made sense to roll out our new website under our (existing) website JonStewart.com. It was available, easy to set-up and already had a small audience (of mostly Astrophotography lovers). Plus, as the only employee, it made sense that people would be looking for me online.

When reviewing the monthly analytics report, however, it was apparent that we needed to relaunch under a new domain name in order to properly execute on our SEO strategy. Google still thought we were an astrophotography website, and having a much more famous Jon Stewart would make it difficult for people to find my website if they were just searching for my name. Therefore, we made the transition to CalumetMedia.ca.

A proper SEO (search engine optimization) strategy is important for any business – be it a start-up or an established company with many years in service. In order for people to find you online, Google needs to index and categorize your site so it knows when it should serve up your information to someone looking for your products or services (in our case digital marketing and advertising for small businesses).

If you have questions on how to optimize your website for search engines and have your business rank higher on Google, reach out to us at our new email – jon@calumetmedia.ca or drop us a line on our Contact Us page.


Jon Stewart

Located in the Pontiac region of Quebec, Jon is a sales and marketing executive with more than twenty years of experience in the radio and media industries. Passionate about helping businesses get their footing in the constantly evolving digital landscape, he can be reached at jon@calumetmedia.ca.

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