Harvesting First Party Data for Small Businesses

On Thursday December 14th, Calumet Media’s owner Jon Stewart conducted small business training in partnership with SADC Pontiac and the Pontiac Chamber of Commerce. In our presentation, we delved into the transformative role of first-party data for small businesses. This data, gathered directly from customers, offers a goldmine of insights, enabling businesses to tailor their services and products more effectively.

Loi 25 / Bill 25 & Data Privacy

Under the umbrella of Quebec’s Bill 25/Loi 25, the presentation discussed how business owners need to comply with new data privacy regulations. Before discussing any digital or data strategy, it’s important to understand the framework from which we work within so we’re always “colouring within the lines” with some of our more innovative data strategies. The presentation provides actionable items you can implement today to comply with these regulations. This can be done while still maximizing your ability to leverage that proprietary first party data to improve marketing and lead generation, increase internal efficiencies and reduce customer churn.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

The presentation also includes some basic information about practical applications of AI in data management. AI tools can help small businesses analyze large datasets efficiently, uncovering trends and customer preferences. This is particularly relevant for businesses looking to scale while adhering to privacy laws.

Small Business Grants for Data Strategy & Digital Adoption

We also highlighted the invaluable role of grants in supporting digital transformation for small businesses. The Canada Digital Adoption Program, for which Calumet Media is a registered advisor, is a great example. It offers financial assistance for businesses in a non-repayable grant to develop digital adoption plans, encompassing data strategies that align with Bill 25.

Data Strategy Example – Pontiac Fitness

To illustrate the real-world impact, we shared some examples – some for real businesses while others fictitious – showing how you can leverage first-party data to drive growth. These stories provided tangible examples of how data can be a game-changer in today’s digital landscape.

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